Drive Shaft Safety Loop

This driveshaft loop will prevent your driveshaft from dragging, if it were to be broken by the power of your HEMI engine. It is a required safety measure for most drag racing.

Why Do I Need A Safety Loop?

While driveshaft breakage is rare, U-Joint failures on high horsepower Challengers, Chargers, Magnums, and 300Cs are quite common. When a universal joint fails without a safety loop, the driveshaft is free to fall to the ground. If the failure occurs at the front U-Joint, the driveshaft can pin itself into the road or track surface and catapult the car end over end. Even if you're not racing, the safety offered by a Driveshaft Safety Loop is well worth the investment.


  • Works with automatic transmissions only
  • Dodge Challenger
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Magnum
  • Chrysler 300c


  • Bolt-on design allows easy installation with no modifications required
  • Removable loop for easy driveshaft removal
  • Meets the requirements of all sanctioning bodies of racing
  • Will help contain the driveshaft in the event of a front U-joint failure, keeping it from digging into the ground and possibly overturning the vehicle
  • Manufactured from 1.25" O.D. x .083" wall DOM mild steel tubing
  • Finished in durable gloss black powder coating
  • Hardware included

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