"Original" BB Mopar Engine Girdles

The "Original" Mopar Big Block Main Stud Girdle comes as a kit. You can install this system with the engine in the car by simply dropping your oil pan.   

This correct girdle allows the "Frequency" to be transfered to the pan rails and block sides, dampening the vibrations and damaging harmonics. Since the rear (#5) main cap does not represent a capwalk problem, it retains the stock ARP main studs so the customer can use his stock oil pan with no modifications. The Rear holes allow clearance for these studs.

 When you are building an expensive high horsepower engine, you don't want to shorten it's life by breaking a main web or cracking a center main cap. We have these "Original" BB Mopar Girdle systems running in 935 horsepower applications with very favorable results.

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