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A Chrysler 426 and 440 Blocks
A Mopar News
A New Mopar B/RB Windage Tray
A New Trick Flow Mopar Head
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      |_ Probe Pistons
      |_ Ross Pistons
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      |_ Speed Pro Pistons
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      |_ Wiseco Pistons
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Jason B.

Thanks John.. you have been awesome to work with and I am REALLY looking forward to driving my SRT-10 again :) Jason

Jim A.

Jim A.

Two year champion in modified tractor pulling classes named "Watch This Trick". Chrysler 426 Hemi. Thanks for the Great Service!

David P.

David P.

Thanks for the brake lines !

Colton H.

Colton H.

"Johns the man, bought a 410 package from him years ago after I got back from overseas. The caveat I gave John was that it had to pass Californian...

Dan B.

Dan B.

Dakota R/T 408, Thanks for everything! Dan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZekmXKYXA4

Craig W.

Craig W.

Thanks John, So far 8 races and 8 top Five!!

Mitch C.

Awesome work! Glad I went with you guys! Anyone I know of that wants to build I'll send your way! Thanks John! Your the man!! Mitch

Felix C.

How awesome is this! This superb service is exactly on point w/what everyone have raved about. Thank you, Felix

Matt G.

I just want to say thanks for all that you have done for me, because over the weekend I was the fastest R/T out there with no power-adders and still...

Mike M.

John's very honest, something that's hard to find these days. This means he'll tell you the truth and you may not want to hear it. LOL. The best...

Probe Pistons

Ultralight Flat Top Features:
Forged of 2618 High Strength Alloy
Side Gas Ports
Pins, Pin Fitting and Spiral Locks included
No Valve Reliefs

Probe PRS Forged Pistons are specifically designed for racing applications and are designed to be the lightest pistons available anywhere. In addition to the ultralight weight Probe PRS forged pistons are designed to radically reduce drag and enhance ring seal to increase power.

The Probe Industries revolutionary "Monocoque" 2618 forging produces the first true ultralight piston designed specifically for Chevrolet 2 barrel oval track use. A piston designed for a 355 cubic inch engine with a 6.000 inch center to center connecting rods currently weighs a mere 362 grams. This incredibly low weight is achieved with NO INTERNAL MILLING!

Due to the exclusive "Monocoque" forging design the Probe PRS forged piston is also stronger than any piston in it's class. This Probe piston forging virtually eliminates "oil canning" the piston deck, allowing a thinner deck with superior strength.

Added to the unequalled piston acceleration gained with the ultralight design, is the "frictionless" piston technology. The Probe PRS forged piston comes fully equipped with .043 .043 3mm ring grooves, allowing the use of extremely low drag piston rings. The specially designed skirt substantially increases available power and reliability. Excellent ring seal is ensured with the standard lateral gas ports in the top ring. Dual forced pin oilers are standard. And overall reciprocating weight is further reduced by the use of a .927 x 2.250 wrist pin.

  • Forged of 2618 t-61 Aluminum alloy for the ultimate strength and fatigue resistance
  • Light weight "Monocoque" forging designs for quick revs and power
  • Lateral gas ports for the ultimate in ring seal
  • Narrow ring lands .043" top and second in most models
  • "Frictionless" skirt designs
  • Radial Anti Detonation Grooves reduce detonation by clipping pressure spikes
  • Pressure Equalization Channel enhances ring seal, making more power and increasing fuel economy
  • Lightweight 2.250 pins and double spiro locks for durability.

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