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Welcome to McLeod Industries.

We are perhaps best known for our clutches, in fact, we are often referred to as “The best known, unknown clutch company in the business,” a statement we take as a compliment. It means the industry experts know us, while the public is just learning about us! That’s right, ask any respected engine, transmission or race car builder. When it comes to which clutch they want or recommend, inevitably they ask for those “red ones” - McLeod clutches!

We also manufacture other driveline products from flywheels to bell housings and even shifters, including our new line of “internal rail off-set shifters.” These new shifters allow you many more options for conversions. So whether you’re swapping an engine, a transmission, using another manufacturer’s chassis or building your own - our shifter will ensure that it comes up through the tunnel exactly where you want it. Not to far forward, rearward, left or right. You can even use it when you want a bench seat instead of buckets and need to relocate the shifter forward to give you the room you need.

McLeod Industries is a supplier to MOPAR Performance, Ford Motor Co., Roush, Saleen for both his Mustangs and S7s, and we designed the flywheels for the 2000 Cobra R, and 2003-4 Cobras. When Ford was designing and building the Ford GT prototype they came to us, McLeod Industries, for the clutch.

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