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Brian C.

Brian C.

I have never had any problems with John on any transaction. One of the few vendors I have never had a single problem with. Including paying overnight...

Ricky R.

Ricky R.

1937 Chevy Legends Race Car, Thanks for everything!

Ken L.

John, Thanks for all your help. I wish I had known about you before I ordered the rest of my stuff! Thanks, Ken

Mitch C.

Awesome work! Glad I went with you guys! Anyone I know of that wants to build I'll send your way! Thanks John! Your the man!! Mitch

Jared B.

John, You Rock! Thanks again for the great deals and speedy service. Really appreciate it. Jared Dakota R/T

Matt C.

Thanks again John, someone who’s willing to help and not just sell parts. So, looks like you’ll be listed on my referrals. Keep in touch. Thanks...

David P.

David P.

Thanks for the brake lines !

Brian A.

Brian A.

The 408 engine runs strong, put on dyno 405hp with 415tq N/A not shabby.. also was on 22" wheels with those numbers est. 500-525 @ crank. Thanks so...

Don S.

John, I can't emphasize this enough, but without the help you're getting me I could not have afforded my dream engine! I literally have cringed when...

Alan P.

First off, I just have to say that I have never came across a more stand-up guy that takes his time to connect with his customers and have the...

Air Ride Suspensions

The RidePro e2® control system has taken our original RidePro e® controller and ‘amped it up’ with several performance upgrades. By incorporating the enhanced voltage based air pressure sensors, the VFD control panel, and the control panel programming access features of the LevelPro system, we have dramatically improved the feel and function of the RidePro e2®.

For the customer who only requires an air pressure based control system, the RidePro e2® can be a less expensive alternative to the state-of-the-art LevelProsystem. Of course, it is easily upgradable to a full LevelPro configuration by a simple plug and play installation of the ride height sensors and wiring harnesses. It is fully compatible with the remote control system option as well.


The new LevelPro leveling system is the most advanced air suspension control system available today. It is the result of several years of development by “hands on” engineers and refinement in real world vehicles.

The LevelPro system uses a unique combination of ride height sensors AND air pressure sensors to quickly achieve your selected ride height. By comparing the position of the ride height sensor to the air pressure the vehicle is leveled with no crossloading.

More accurate leveling
The inclusion of ride height sensors in addition to air pressure sensors allows extremely accurate vehicle leveling with no crossloading
Better air pressure sensors
New voltage based air pressure sensors eliminate EMI interference and grounding problems that can lead to inaccurate pressure readings and ride heights. This new voltage based sensor has more resolution [accuracy] and quicker response to allow faster and more accurate air pressure presets. It’s also smaller in diameter to allow direct installation into the RidePro® and BigRed solenoid blocks to eliminate remote mounting panels with extra lines and fittings.
Easier viewing in bright light from any angle
VFD [vacuum florescent display] instead of an LCD [liquid crystal display]
Each time the vehicle is started it will automatically go to highway ride height.
Control panel programming
All programming [including the ride-height-on- start feature] can be accessed from the control panel so you can hide the ECU and still have easy access to all programming functions.
3 ‘1 touch’ ride height presets
Accessible from control panel. These ride heights are programmed by a simple push and hold action similar to programming a radio station preset. No secret sequence of buttons to push!
Backlit soft touch silicone buttons
Easier actuation by feel, no diverting your eyes from the road to see which button you’re pushing!
Extruded aluminum ECU
More robust to avoid physical damage during installation

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