Dodge Viper Gen V 9.0L Xtreme Engine kit

Dodge Viper Gen V 9.0L Xtreme Engine kit. Xtreme upgrades increase Viper Gen V performance well for over 747 naturally aspirated rear wheel horsepower. This is the ultimate NA package for the Gen V. Utilizing a new rotating assembly and Stage 2 heads/cam/pcm package, the Stage 2 9.0L engine gains approximately 160 peak HP at the crank and enjoys major torque gains the entire rev band. Xtreme Dodge Viper Gen IV 9.0L (550 cubic inches) with all forged internal rotating components
>Pump gas friendly (93 octane), 10.5 compression

>Factory engine control system with custom tune

>Factory intake manifold and throttle bodies

>Custom Comp Extreme camshaft (Non-VVT) with PAC double springs

>CNC cylinder heads with 2.125” diameter intake valves with 1.608” exhaust valves Aluminum block with press in cast iron liners

>Callies “stroker” billet crankshaft, 4.200” stroke with 2.100” diameter rod pins

>Callies H-beam forged connecting rods with Daido tri-metal rod bearings

>Mahle custom forged pistons with 0.927” diameter piston pins. Rings are Steel Moly-filled and are 1mm, 1mm, 2mm in thickness

>Above is for the package only

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