Mopar Cylinder Heads

We port and polish most the cylinder heads out there. Here is just a short list so ask us for you specific needs and application.

Mopar Cylinder Heads:

Stage V Hemi [standard and raised intake locations]

[millenium head (rotated exhaust valve)]

Aluminum Street or Race 110-M Hemi

Indy Legend Hemi 426-1R

Indy Legend Hemi 426-1RA

NHRA Super Stock Aluminum modified Hemi 110-M head

NHRA Super Stock Aluminum Hemi 110-M head

NHRA Super Stock Iron Hemi 559-M head

Indy 440-1 Big Block Chrysler

426 Hemi Cylinder Heads

Mopar Small block LA and Magnum Series Heads

B1-Brodix small block

NHRA super stock 308/576 small block 1.88/1.78-1.60/1.50 [standard intake port or moved intake port ]

NHRA 4.900 bore spaced Pro Stock Hemi

Trick Flow 240 and 270 Series heads Edelbrock Series Cylinder Heads

Chrysler 5.7 Hemi Cylinder Heads

Chrysler 6.1 Cylinder heads

Chrysler 6.4 Apache Cylinder Heads

THITEK G3H Bear Cylinder Heads

Dodge Viper Cylinder heads

Please contact Southeast Performance for other applications you may require.

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Dakota R/T Performance Cylinder Heads
The Dakota R/T aluminum performance cylinder heads come alive with our complete porting, and SERDI Competition Valve Job. We install stainless...

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Dodge 426 HEMI Cylinder Heads
Complete C&C cylinder head porting with SERTI 4.0 Valve seat cutter for your Dodge HEMI to bring out the best in performance. Here are some of...

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Dodge 5.7 and 6.1L HEMI Cylinder Heads
Bring out the hidden power from your new 5.7 or 6.1L Hemi  ! Our complete C&C ported Dodge Hemi Heads allow you to make the gains your...

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Dodge Viper Cylinder Head Porting
Our Dodge Viper cylinder head modifications coupled with our ported intake manifold and custom grind camshafts reach those big gains your after....

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Edelbrock Performer RPM Mopar Heads
It's not surprising Edelbrock has earned quite a name in the Mopar smallblock and big block world with their cylinder heads--a combination of...

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EQ Cylinder Heads
The EQ magnum and LA series cylinder heads are designed for use with their corresponding intake manifold, rocker arms, and valve covers. The EQ head...

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SRT-10 Cylinder Head Porting
We pride ourselves in providing the highest standards at the most competitive rates. Cylinder heads have been our business for over 30 years and we...

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SRT4 Turbo Cylinder Heads
Time to Wake up the SRT4 Dodge with Complete 5-Axis CNC Porting  ! CNC Chambers, Bronze Guides, SERDI Valve Job. Port Designed for Intake...

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Trick Flow 190 Mopar SB
Trick Flow is all about developing products that provide maximum performance, such as the PowerPort® 190 cylinder heads for small block Mopar. The...

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Trick Flow Cylinder Heads
  To satisfy the air and fuel demands of your high performance machine, insist on the airflow expertise of Trick Flow Specialties. Trick Flow...

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Viper Cylinder Heads
Southeast Performance is a leader in Dodge Viper performance. Our ported cylinder heads and special grind Viper camshaft packages will generate those...

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