Custom Chevy Floor Mats


MAT COLORS: The mat color needs to match the vehicles interior color. Good color match is the number one factor in mat selection. Lloyd has the largest selection of O.E. matching mat colors. Lloyd stocks 67 mat colors and has custom dye formulas for over 200 colors.

YARN TYPE: Nylon yarn is the best. It not only wears longer, it also retains its appearance longer. Lloyd Mats have a 100% continuous filament nylon face. It’s the same type of yarn used by many auto manufacturers for their original equipment carpeting. If you look at other company’s mats and the yarn is not identified as nylon, you can almost be sure it’s a lesser quality yarn.

YARN DENSITY: With Lloyd’s mats the strands of yarn are jammed right next to each other. You can barely dig your fingers down through the yarn to the bottom of the mat. This is called heavy yarn density. It’s this heavy density of nylon yarn that accounts for Lloyd’s exceptionally long wearing mats.

WARRANTY: Lloyd Mats are guaranteed for a full two years.

BACKING: Mat backing is used to keep the mat from slipping. However mats with rubber or vinyl nibs can actually harm the vehicles original carpeting, as the mat’s nibs dig down between the carpet fibers. This can result in premature yarn wear out, as the vehicle's carpeting is worn at the base instead of the top. Lloyd’s textured "TractionBac TM" mat backing is made with a very pure rubberized compound. It’s the natural adhesion characteristics of this backing that keeps the mats in place.



FASTENERS: All Lloyd’s front mats are provided with two Snap-A-Mat fasteners. These patented devices are easy to install and yet provide for fast mat removal for cleaning. Between "TractionBac TM" and Snap-A-Mat fasteners slipping mats are a thing of the past.


EMBROIDERY: Lloyd offers its mats with a choice of many standard embroidery designs. Mats can also be ordered with a custom embroidered name or message. Several type styles and many thread colors are available.

EDGING: Lloyd Mats are finished with a color coordinated nylon velour edging. There’s nothing to unravel and no plastic to detract from the mats appearance.

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