Accel Ignition Amplifier

Designed to unlock the full engergy potiential of the factory stock electronic ignition systme by producing a 50% higher coil current density at higher RPMs. The 200+ Ignition Amplifier boosts the primary coil voltage from 12 volts at 1000 RPM to 18 volts by 3500 RPM, which increases burn efficiency. This results in improved power and reduced emissions. A fail-safe or limp-home mode has been intergrated into the 200+ Ignition Amplifier's circuitry which, in the event of a system failure, allows you to reach your destination without complete loss of your ignition system. The compact design makes installation easy when mounting space is limited. A perfect addition to a sotck engine using the factory coil. Can also be used with a performance coil; will not work with a CD coil type

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