Accel Electronic Ignition Inductive Storage System

Designed to increase the performance of factory stock electronic ignition systems. The compact design makes installation easy when mounting space is limited. By increasing the primary energy to the coil, the 250+ Electronic Ignition Control increases coil output, while a built-in dwell control circuit with a 7.5 amp limit ensures more constant energy output through out the RPM range. The Accel 250+ Electronic Ignition Control provides a long duration, single spark event of up to 250 mJ, producing a more sustained burn time promoting greater engine efficiency, easier starting and extended RPM capabilities. A perfect addition to an engine where performance modifications are limited to bolt-ons such as cold air kits, under-drive pulleys and high flow cat-back exhaust systems. Can be used with a factory coil, but recommended that you upgrade to a high performance coil. Will not work with CD-type coil.

250+ Ignition Control Unit, Universal for Distributor-Equipped Engines

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