Accel 275+ Multi-Strike CD Ignition W/O Rev Control

Utilizes the latest generation of RISC micro-controller to provide high speed processing, maximize energy output, and provide greatly enhanced efficiency and more complete coil saturation. Accel's 275+ CD Ignition Control Unit provides several multi-strike spark events of 500 volts and 125 mj up to 2500 RPM for easier starting and greater burn efficiency, resulting in enhanced performance. This is critical in modified engines with increased cylinder pressures resulting from higher compression pistons, high profile camshafts, higher flow intake manifolds, exhaust headers and modified cyinder heads. The compact design makes easy mounting in limited spaces. Can be used with a factory coil, but recommended that you upgrade to a high performacne coil or a CD-type coil.

275+ Ignition Contol Unit, Universal Kit for Distributor-Equipped Engines

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