Accel 375+ Digital Multi-Function Ignition Control Module

For the ACCEL 300+ Ignition Control Unit

Featuring a unique design that incorporates a compact control unit that can be mounted out of sight inside the car with a remote display/input unit close at hand for real-time programming or observation. The remote hand-held display/input unit and six-foot cable can also be unplugged from control unit after programming. The Acell 375+ Multi-Function Accessory control unit's harness plugs directly into the 300+ Ignition Control box hrness, allowing the custom software and dual RISC microprocessors to fully interface with each other. This provides unparalled capabilites and high-speed processing resulting in seamless performance.

ACCELL 375+ Multi-function Accessory unit features include:

- Two stages of sequential rev limiting control from 1,000 to 12,700 RPM in 100 RMP incerments

- Window RMP switch from 1,000 to 12,700 RMP in 100 RPM incerments

- Fixed Nitrous Oxide or high-speed timing retard from .1 to 15 degrees in .1-degree incerments beginning at 100 RPM, dialed out at 500 RPM

- Proportional boost timing retard from .1 to 4.0 degrees per PSI of boost in .1-degree incerments (Requires the use of a MAP sensor)

- Selectable to read either 2 or 3 BAR MAP Sensor Signals

- Tachometer display mode with 10 RPM resolutions and moving point-averaging software for clear resolution

- Real time manifold pressure display mode displays vacuum in inches of Hg and boost in PSI (Requires the use of a MAP sensor)

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