Accel Street/Strip Canister Style Racing Coil

Excellent high performance replacement for Chrysler/Dodge/Plymoth vehicles equipped with canister type oil filled can coil. Special windings engineered for maximum energy output resulting in greatly increased high RPM power, quicker starting and improved throttle response. Designed to work with both OE electronic and points style ignition systems. Requires the use of the dual element .56/5.00 Ohms ballast resistor (p/n 150350, not included). Will also work with Mopar Performance ignition systems p/n's P4120505 orange ECU and P4120534 chrome ECU. Can also work with an Accel, Mallory, Crane, Holley or MSD capacitive discharge ignigion system. Special crimped and soldered internal contacts, special spring load windings and silica steel core eliminate vibration-induced failures. High performance tan Alkyd tower provides "flashover" protection to primary terminals. Gloss black can finish. This coil is effective to 8,500 RPM.


Primary Resistance: 1.4 Ohms

Secondary Resistance: 7.3k Ohms

Turns Ratio: 58:1

Maximum Voltage: 38,000 volts

For use with Chrysler/Dodge/Plymoth Vehicles 1956-78

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