Accel CD Only E-Core Super Coil

Professional continuous use racing coil specifically designed to work with CD ignition systems only. High energy, heavy gauge windings designed especially for optimum performance with an Accel, Mallory, Crane, Holley or MSD capacitive discharge ignition system. E-core design minimizes inductance losses and maximizes energy output. Special high temperature epoxy resits shock and vibration and provides excellent thermal conductivity. The extruded aluminum heat sink provides maximum cooling to ensure long life. SAE male tower offers greater coil wore retention and protection from arcing. Comes complete with insulated primary wire connector and universal Accel 8.8mm 300+ Race Wire coil lead and mounting hardware kit. This coil is effective to over 10,000 RPM

SPECIFICATIONS: Tested with Accel 300+ ignitions

Primary Resistance: .2 Ohms

Secondary Resistance 3.6 k Ohms

Turns Ratio: 95:1

Maximum Voltage: 48,000 volts

Peak Current: 300 mA

Spark Duration: 360 uS

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