MSD Start Retard Control

These start/retard timing controls are the direct results of MSD being at the races and listening to what racers want. With the large number of engines running locked-out timing, racers wanted a simple way to retard the timing during cranking, plus have a single stage of retard available for high rpm or nitrous.
The start/retard controls let you choose either 10 or 25 degrees of retard during cranking only. The timing will retard only while cranking, and returns to the set mechanical timing once the engine starts and you release the key, or once the engine reaches 1,300 rpm. Along with the start retard, these units also have a single stage of retard. This retard can be activated in times of nitrous to prevent detonation, or at high rpm to achieve a little more top end. The amount of retard is adjustable with plug-in modules, and is activated by a single wire that can be connected directly to a nitrous solenoid, or a microswitch on the shifter. The start/retard controls are easy to install and program, and are supplied with 2, 3, and 4 degree modules. They must be used with an MSD 6, SCI, 7, 8, or 10 ignition control.

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