MSD 6-Hemi Ignition Controller 2003-08 Hemi 5.7L

The MSD 6-Hemi Controller will connect to factory EFI fueled Hemi or will drive the coil packs of a carbureted retro-fit engine!

The Controller plugs into each coil pack along with the crank and cam sensors to provide you the ability to modify the timing curve, set a two step rev limit, nitrous retard or even a boost/timing map! The 6-Hemi Controller is designed to operate with both styled coil packs that are offered on the new engines. A wiring harness for each application is sold separately.
Fire the coils and control the timing on Hemi retro-fit with a carburetor or factory EFI
Program two rev limits and a step retard. Connects directly to the coils, crank, cam and MAP sensors for easy installation

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