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Super guy to deal with! GREAT SERVICE!! GREAT PRICE!!

Colton H.

Colton H.

"Johns the man, bought a 410 package from him years ago after I got back from overseas. The caveat I gave John was that it had to pass Californian...

Felix C.

How awesome is this! This superb service is exactly on point w/what everyone have raved about. Thank you, Felix

Derek B.

Derek B.

Great Personalized service. Derek

Matt G.

I just want to say thanks for all that you have done for me, because over the weekend I was the fastest R/T out there with no power-adders and still...

Darren B.

Darren B.

John, Thanks mate! The 440/533 stroker ran a 5.71 @ 122 mph on the eighth mile first time out with it's previous best 6.30 @ 108 mph ! Cheers

Dan B.

Dan B.

Dakota R/T 408, Thanks for everything! Dan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZekmXKYXA4

Daryl S.

Your 408 runs like a dream. I think we are well over the 400hp side, a new 300hp mustang could not overcome, it is a beast. I am very happy with the...

Mike M.

John's very honest, something that's hard to find these days. This means he'll tell you the truth and you may not want to hear it. LOL. The best...

David A.

David A.

Thanks for everything, David

Stillen mOnster PRO Brake Kits

Increase Effective Braking with mOnster PRO

Brake Pros mOnster Brake systems have been designed to offer greater brake performance over standard size Cross-drilled and/or Slotted brake discs. Our mOnster systems are available in two configurations; mOnster PRO with two and/or one-piece discs and mOnster PRO PLUS with oversized two and/or one-piece discs. Each mOnster system has been specifically designed for a particular vehicle application.

mOnster PRO –
Two-piece front/rear and/or one-piece rear Cross-drilled / Slotted discs offer improved braking performance by reducing weight through the use of billet aluminum mounting bells. This two-piece system also reduces heat transfer into the bell area reducing the chance of warpage. The disc’s vanes are directionally curved to pump air and pull heat away from the friction walls dissipating heat more rapidly. mOnster PRO systems are a perfect upgrade for the performance enthusiasts. These kits come pre assembled and do not require bleeding the hydraulic system.

PRO Features
- OEM Size one and two-piece Discs – For improved braking.
- Two-piece Discs have billet aluminum mounting bell - For reduced weight.
- Cross-drilled & Slotted Friction Surfaces - For Improved Pad Bite.
- Curved Vane Disc design - For maximum cooling.
- Thermal stabilization heat treat - To eliminate warping.
- Maintains factory Disc offset & wheel track.

mOnster PRO PLUS –
The mOnster PRO PLUS systems have all the benefits of the mOnster PRO systems with the added benefit of oversized discs. The oversized discs move the calipers clamping force further out from the center line of the rotating mass, creating greater leverage and increasing brake torque. This increased brake torque translates into reduced stopping distances. These larger discs also have greater thermal capacity reducing the chance of brake fade. mOnster PRO PLUS systems are ideal for Truck and SUV owners who are running oversized wheels and tires.

PRO PLUS Features
- Over Sized one and two-piece Disc - Improving brake torque.
- Two-piece Discs have billet aluminum mounting bell - For reduced weight.
- Caliper extensions included - No bleeding required.
- Cross-drilled & Slotted friction surfaces - For improved Pad bite.
- Curved Vane Disc design - For maximum cooling.
- Thermal stabilization heat treat - To eliminate warping.
- Maintains factory Disc offset & wheel track.

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