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Perrin Water Injection System

The process of compressing air to create boost and power, has a nasty byproduct of heat. Heated air lacks the density to make higher horsepower, increases detonation and forces the ECU to pull timing. All of which reduce the power you are looking to create.  In order to combat this heat, we manufacture air-to-air intercooler upgrades for nearly every vehicle we offer products for. But we are always restricted by the physical restraints of the vehicles size and by the fuel offered at the pump. Yet, high horsepower engines demand additional cooling and detonation control. This is where water/methanol injection come into play.

Water/Methanol injection is nothing new by any means.  It was first used successfully in WWII on tanks and fighter plane engines.  The tradition started here and has been used in Formula 1 engines (1980s), supplied as an OE part on the SAAB 9-5, World Rally cars use it (1995 onwards), and now in the aftermarket on todays high powered, small displacement, forced induction engines.

The PERRIN PWI-1 water/methanol injection system is designed to suppress detonation caused by high intake charge temperatures and or when the effective compression ratio has been taken beyond the auto ignition point (of fuel) by increased boost from a turbo or a supercharger.  To suppress Detonation, a fine mist of a mixture of water and methanol is injected into the intake charge.  Water, with its high latent heat content, and methanol, with its high octane rating, are extremely effective at controlling the onset of detonation. From this you can gain power from increasing timing, or leaning the engine out, or simply add a large margin of safety to your engine. 

By adding an extremely fine mist of water you can effectively add an additional intercooler to your vehicle. This lowers charge temperatures, reduces any tendency for detonation, and thus greatly improves horsepower and torque. Most clients will see gains in excess of 20WHP once tuned for! All while increasing safety and longevity of the engine.

Cars that can benefit significantly from the PWI-1 are cars with poorly mounted, or small intercoolers, like the WRX, Legacy GT turbo, Mini cooper S, Mazdaspeed 6, Audi/VW 1.8T cars, Mitsubishi Eclipse or cars with turbo kits or supercharger kits with no intercoolers. But this does not limit the PWI-1’s ability to increase HP on cars with aftermarket intercoolers, where pump gas is being pushed to its limit of detonation.
The PERRIN™ Performance PWI-1 Water Injection System includes everything you need for a professional installation. Simply provide your own bucket of water! (STI, EVO and MINI's all have factory installed reservoirs.) With a dash mounted control and display you can activate or deactivate the system as well as monitor the water level, flow and perform tests of the entire kit. Additionally, the PWI-1 brain uses trim pots to adjust flow, and injection start. The brain incorporates several safety functions, which can detect when the nozzle is blocked, or water is low in tank. If this happens the PWI-1 brain can be set to cut boost, switch to a different map (ECU dependent), or turn on a light or any number of things you can come up with.  These are features simply not found on other water injection systems.  Easy to assemble and install. Includes hoses, mounting hardware, instructions, and tuning tips.

Water is extracted from a water tank through the electromagnetic pump straight to the intake charge. The water vaporizes in the combustion chamber, drawing out unwanted heat. This in turn controls detonation, and slows the burn rate of fuel, basically turns your pump fuel into race fuel.

A customer, Ryan Perrault, owns an STI with a PERRIN GT3076R rotated turbo kit. Using our Performance Water Injection System he was able to increase boost levels, and make almost 50 additional horsepower plus 50ft-lbs of torque. In this situation, the PERRIN Performance Water Injection System adds big power, and a large margin of safety to the aggressive ECU tuning.

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