NEW 2006-2019 Hemi Sleeper Twin Turbo System

NEW, Sleeper twin turbo kit for the 2006-2014 Gen 3 Chrysler Hemi. The performance level for V8 2006-2019 Challengers, Chargers, 300C and Magnum vehicles just got raised. We have produced a “hidden” twin turbo kit capable of anywhere from 600hp to just short of 2000hp. The next big thing is here! Recognizing the popularity of huge-horsepower street cars with the ultimate “sleeper” image,a specially designed and most innovative twin-turbo system in history — the Street Sleeper! This complete bolt on system comes with twin 62mm turbos standard and can be upgraded to twin 68mm units. Two intercooler choices top the list of upgrades, as the kit can be shipped from mild to wild. Take your hemi to the next level! Equipped with: Brand new design turbo system with headers supplied Multiple T4 turbo options available Large vertical flow core intercooler (highest flow bar/plate core available) Twin Turbosmart Hyper-Gate45 wastegates Turbosmart Race Port blow-off valve Let's say that we have a car that makes 1,000 hp peak, but only makes 500 - 1,000 hp for around 3,000 rpm. Now, we have another car that makes 900 hp peak, but makes 500-900 hp for 5,000 rpm. If we use a linear progression of power to calculate the average power through 5,000 RPM, the second car in question would have an average power output of about 700 hp through 5,000 rpm, whereas the first car mentioned would only have an average output of about 550 - 600 hp through 5,000 rpm. Using this equation, the first car in question has a higher peak power output, however the second car will most likely out-accelerate it due to the fact that it makes more average power over the same RPM range. You could really aggravate a Hellcat owner.. "The dyno of a stock Hemi engine with headers and no accessories made peak hp (475) @ 5,800 rpms and peak torque (464) @ 4,800 rpms. The base turbo kit made peak hp (616) @ 6,300 rpms and peak torque (613) @ 4,700 rpms". Options and Upgrades from the base kit : 61 mm Turbonetics (billet wheel) 64mm-76mm Turbonetics (billet wheel) Ball bearing upgrade for Hellion/Turbonetics (both turbos) 67mmPrecision Turbo (billet wheel) Ball bearing upgrade for Precision Turbo TurboSmart eBoost2 Electronic Boost Controller Turbosmart E boost Street boost controller Turbosmart 2nd solenoid for twin systems AEM wide band O2 kit Contact Southeast Performance for details and pricing.

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