Strange Engineering Rear Ends

Get maximum horsepower transferred to the ground.

These Strange bolt-in S60 rear differential assemblies are designed to fit your vehicle without any modifications. Brake kits are sold separately.

Assemblies feature:

* Strange designed S60 housing cast from nodular iron
* Large nodular iron bearing caps
* One piece center casting for enhanced rigidity
* Adjuster nuts for precise and easy set-up
* Fully welded tubes
* Strong 9.750 in. ring gear
* 35-Spline axles

Strange Engineering is the premier   fore runner in high performance drive line manufacturing and axle heat treatment using exotic top quality materials.  The Thru-Hard (Hy-Tuf) axles are fully heat treated through out to a Rc 46-48 full depth hardness,  the best quality that you can buy for the track.  The S/S and S/T Axles are induction hardened Rc 58-62 (hardness decreases from the surface to the axle's core).  The S/S axles are 31 spline and are  ideal for the street use, much stronger than stock.  The S/T Axles are Street / Strip 35 Spline Axles where the 35 splines make for a stronger axle connection to the differential gears / components. S/S and S/T axles are for when you need some ductile flex to meet the extreme demands that pot holes and curb shots put on your favorite ride, since a fully hardened axle would not bend under these conditions.   The harder a metal becomes, the less it will flex before it "shatters" like glass, though it will be essentially stronger before it breaks.  The Thru - hardened axles might not flex under certain extreme street conditions (like high speed pot holes or side loading curb shots), where as the S/S and S/T Axles would "Flex" and mostly retain their shape.  All Thru-Hardened axles are NHRA and IHRA accepted and work fantastically at the track, where there are no pot holes at the end of the quarter mile.  All S/S and S/T are NHRA and IHRA accepted and will work when your cruising down the street, the dirt roads, the highway, the track, and will probably handle more than the average occasional pot hole and curb shot.  If your running only at the track, Thru-Hardened is the only way to go.  If your going from point a to b, Induction hardened S/T axles are your best choice. If money is of concern, and you need stronger than stock axles, then S/S axles are the way to go,  though the S/T axles only cost a little bit more. Products from Strange engineering are legendary in their quality and customer support, we strongly encourage their use.

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