Coolant System

The cooling system is one of the most important elements in vehicle operation, yet is not given the attention that other automotive systems receive.

There are many factors that can add to the strain of cooling your vehicle. For example, the air conditioning system. The air conditioning system most often places the condenser in front of the radiator. This restricts the airflow and cooling capability of the radiator. The coolant (ethylene glycol) helps compensate for this added strain when mixed in a 50/50 solution with water in your cooling system.

Many people only think about checking their coolant (also referred to as "antifreeze") when temperatures get very cold. It is the most obvious and easiest to maintain of all the cooling system components. Each vehicle is unique (refer to your vehicle owner's manual for specific guidelines), but typically industry guidelines recommend complete replacement of the coolant every two years or 24,000 miles. As coolant can be a great help in cooling efficiency when properly maintained, it can also be a great hindrance if left unchecked. The coolant's chemicals can break down over time (much like motor oil) and can actually contribute to corrosion rather than prevent it. Remember to always follow your manufacturer's recommendations and keep your coolant fresh.

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