Compstar 5.7 and 6.1L Hemi Crankshafts

Compstar Performance Crankshafts are designed by our engineers, rough machined to our specification on 4340 material forgings, then finished in our facility. Our in house solid modeling abilities provide a great advantage in product development. At Callies we are able to see and test our ideas against established situations. We can also precisely locate material where it will yield the greatest advantage.
     Beginning with properly placed counterweights that not only improve balance but reduce bearing loads, every aspect of these highly stressed components has been analyzed. Our forgings are rough machined in a process that includes double stress relief operations that make these crankshafts dimensionally stable.
     Hardened with a deep nitride, Compstar cranks are ideal for abusive dirt track environments. All rod journals are drilled and counterweights are profiled for piston clearance. With our consistent grind and polish, along with our precise stroke and index, you will see why we say these crankshafts are Compstar Correct
     Compstar crankshafts are available in a variety of Small Block Chevy, Big Block Chevy, Late Model Hemi, and LS1 configurations.

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