5.7 HEMI LX and LC Supercharger by SMS

The HEMI LX and LC Supercharger by SMS
SMS Six-Pack™ Intercooler System
The SMS Six-Pack™ Intercooler System (patent pending) features six cylindrical microfin intercoolers which provide more than 60% additional cooling and flow efficiency when compared to box type intercoolers. This optimized system features single pass coolant flow, a 90 l/min water pump and a high-volume dual pass heat exchanger to handle the most extreme horsepower configurations.

SMS 100mm Threshold™ Throttle Body
The SMS 100mm Threshold™ Throttle Body was developed to take full advantage of the 100mm induction system of the SMS 296 Supercharger™ System. This optional throttle body optimizes the 100mm induction path from filter to compressor in order to deliver the ultimate in top-end horsepower and torque for the HEMI engine.

SMS Power-Drive™ System
The innovative team at SMS has designed the 8-Rib SMS Power-Drive™ system with reliability, strength and power upgrades in mind. The system comprises the SMS Max-Drive™ compressor crank pulley mated to an SFI approved 2% under-drive super damper, an optimized compressor drive pulley and an automatic tensioner pulley to deliver consistent belt torque and tension while reducing NVH in the compressor system. More importantly, the upgrade path to increased boost and horsepower is simplified with one of the optional SMS compressor drive pulleys varying in 5mm incremental sizes.

SMS Tailor Made™ Options
The innovation for the SMS 296 Supercharger™ System continues on the outside as well with SMS Tailor Made™ custom finishes and powder coat color options for those horsepower enthusiasts who wish to match the impact under the hood to what they have at the rear wheels!
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