HEMI Performance Aluminum Oil Pan

Billet Aluminum Pans are intended for the racer looking for maximum horsepower gain and oil control during straight-line acceleration of their 5.7L - 6.1L HEMI Powered LX or LC.

This custom fabricated wet sump oil pan has road race trap door baffles, which provide oil control in both Drag and Road Racing and spirited driving. Constructed of billet aluminum, this high performance HEMI oil pan has a fabricated aluminum “T” sump to increase capacity to 11 quarts without the need for an aftermarket oil pan gaskets.

This extra oil capacity over stock oil pans is essential due to the HEMI engine’s design holding extra oil in the heads. This performance Bolt on features anti-slosh baffle, oil temperature fitting and a super charger drain back fitting. Contact www.southeastperformance.com for details and pricing.

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