Challenger SRT-8 Manual Transmission Driveshaft Loop

This Dodge Challenger 6.1L driveshaft loop will prevent your driveshaft from dragging, if it were to be broken by the power of your HEMI engine. It is a required safety measure for most drag racing.

Why Do I Need A Safety Loop?

While driveshaft breakage is rare, U-Joint failures on high horsepower Challengers are quite common. When a universal joint fails without a safety loop, the driveshaft is free to fall to the ground. If the failure occurs at the front U-Joint, the driveshaft can imbed itself into the road or track surface and catapult the car end over end. Even if you're not racing, the safety offered by a Driveshaft Safety Loop is well worth the investment.


  • Dodge Challenger 2009+ 6 speed manual transmission


  • Bolt-on design allows easy installation with no modifications required
  • Removable loop for easy driveshaft removal
  • Meets the requirements of all racing sanctioning bodies
  • Will help contain the driveshaft in the event of a front U-joint failure, keeping it from digging into the ground and possibly overturning the vehicle
  • Manufactured from heavy-gauge fabricated steel
  • Durable, gloss black powder finish
  • All hardware included

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