Dart " Big M " Engine Blocks

Dart engineered the Big M to be the strongest, most reliable, and easiest to build big-block on the market. We redesigned the lubrication system to create a true “priority main” system that oils all of the main bearings before the lifters for extra reliability. Our stepped main oil gallery (9/16“ to 1/2“ to 7/16“) increases the flow of oil to the crank at high rpm, and our front oil crossover eliminates internal oil leaks around the distributor shaft. The result: more oil at the bearings and pushrods where it’s needed, and less power-robbing crankcase windage. We added two slotted head stud bosses on both sides of the lifter valley so you can use studs instead of hard-to-install bolts to take the place of the “missing” head bolts.
Dart machines Big M blocks in-house on precision CNC equipment to ensure quality and to eliminate the need for expensive “blueprinting.”



Deck Height

Bore Diameter

Main Bearings


Main Caps

Oil Pan

Big M

Cast Iron

9.800"  10.200"

4.200" 4.500"


Standard BBC

Nodular Iron or Steel 4 - Bolt

Standard BBC with Dual Bolt Pattern

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