Dart Honda Aluminum Blocks

We engineered the new Dart aluminum Honda block to solve the shortcomings of production blocks used in high-performance and competition applications. We offer the Dart block in B18 and B20 versions. Both are built to withstand the extreme cylinder pressures created by turbochargers and nitrous oxide injection. We increased wall thicknesses in all critical areas and beefed up the bottom end with steel main bearing caps. Best of all, Dart blocks are compatible with production Honda cylinder heads, internal components and accessories. We added the features that sport compact racers and performance enthusiasts need to build powerful and reliable engines.



Deck Height

Bore Diameter

Main Bearnings

Cylinder Wall Thickness

Main Caps

Oil Pan

Honda Block

355-T6Alluminum Alloy

212mm (8.346") 226mm (8.898")

81.5 mm(3.209") or 84.5mm (3.327")


6.35mm (.250")

Steel 2-Bolt with dowels

Standard Oil Pan

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