Koffel's Place 440 Engine Blocks

The specs on the K-P 440 Mopar block are:
High nickel content in casting material.
Increased material in cylinder walls; can bore to 4.600”
Reinforced main webbing.
Revised water jacket allows stroke to 5.00” + .250” raised cam available.
Steel billet 4-bolt main caps on all five bearings.
Screw-in freeze plugs. (That ends having one blow out at a bad time!)
Priority main oiling system. Longer bearing life.
Revised lifter galley area, engine builder can change lifter bore position.
Increased deck thickness, improved head gasket sealing, allows for milling
ARP main studs and 7/16 cross bolts on main caps
Accepts all standard 440 items: cam drives, water pump, oil pump, etc.
Available in 4.310 bore and 4.490 bore.

The only thing that you and your engine builder will need to do is to put the toque-plate on, final bore and hone the cylinders to fit your pistons. The blocks have been decked and align-honed with CNC equipment.

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