Cat Lifters

CAT mechanical roller lifters are manufactured from 4140 high quality chrome moly steel for high Performance and racing applications. The roller tip shafts are made from carburized 8620 nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel alloy to endure tough operating abuse over 10,000 RPM. The extra larger needle bearings, manufactured under a NSK license, will withstand spring pressure of 750 lbs. 16 roller lifters are available in a pack together with link bars.

CAT offered 4140 steel hydraulic lifters for high performance and OEM replacement. All lifters have been tested to peak performance working condition. A convex bottom allows the cam lobe circulate the lifter.

CAT offers two versions of hydraulic roller lifters for high performance application. One version is for OEM original hydraulic roller cam. One is to retrofit original mechanical cam to replace with the new roller cam with adoption of new hydraulic roller lifters. All lifters are forged from 4140 chrome moly steel. The retorfit one equipped with stainless steel vertical link bar.Both lifters have metal powder body and steel high magnesium steel internal fittings Oversized bearing support on roller tip for stand high load from roller cam. CAT hydraulic roller lifters are packed 16 pieces in a box. Link bars are included for retrofit model. Check with Southeast Performance for other applications and styles.

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