Clevite Performance Lifters

For performance engine builders that still believe the traditional way is always the best way, Clevite® engine parts offers precision manufactured hydraulic lifters. These conventional hydraulic lifters preserve strict valve timing under all types of operating conditions. These hydraulic lifters are recommended for use with hydraulic performance camshafts with RPM thresholds between 5,500 and 6,000.

Clevite Hi-RPM hydraulic (anti-pump-on) lifters offer the same material composition and strict manufacturing standards found in our conventional hydraulic lifters. Combined with some other technical features, these lifters are able to perform at higher RPM, similar to a mechanical system, but without the constant lash adjustments associated with mechanical lifters.

In addition to the hydraulic and mechanical lifters, Clevite has not compromised quality in the hydraulic roller lifters either. Because of their design, a notable increase in horsepower and MPG can be achieved while greatly reducing friction between mating engine components. Hydraulic roller lifters mean that valves open faster from a completely closed to completely open position for optimum performance. This represents a significant improvement over the conventional flat lifter.

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