Sealed Power Lifters

Sealed Power lifters get the job done. Gauged to 33 millionths of an inch (.000033”), these internal components are indexed and matched to ensure efficient performance and quiet operation.

Sealed Power lifters are sized for proper fit and long life. Most have radiused bottoms for impart rotation to cut down on sticking and wear.

Sealed Power offers five basic lifter configurations:

  • Mechanical flat lifters have a hardened iron, solid tappet that requires periodic adjustment.
  • Mechanical roller lifters feature steel rollers on the tappet to reduce friction.
  • Hydraulic flat lifters have a hydraulic cylinder that utilizes engine oil to provide a quiet, maintenance-free valvetrain.
  • Hydraulic roller lifters combine technological features of hydraulic and roller lifters to reduce friction and increase fuel economy.
  • Hydraulic lash adjusters provide lash adjustment in overhead camshaft engines.

They’re compatible with virtually any engine, including those with roller-lifter valvetrains.

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