Canton Oil Pans

In many cases what you see on a Dyno will be similar to what you see on the track, but not so with oil pans. With oil pan design your working with a fluid that is greatly effected by the motion of its container. (put a pot of water in your lap next time you go racing, you’ll see what happens in a wet sump.) On a dyno you can not duplicate what happens on the track, which varies greatly in different applications. Pans that work best on a dyno don’t always work on the track, and those that work best on the track don’t always show the best results on a dyno. For the best results an oil pan’s design needs to take into consideration the application it is going to be used in.

Inexpensive foreign-made oil pans, have a place in racing. They are often installed; on budget engines, in claimer classes. Most of our customer base is made up of professional engine builders. We share a mutual respect for quality. We both use the best materials, put it together right, check it and re check it, and fine-tune it for the best performance. We both understand the importance of a “real” oiling system and we both win. American-made products cost more for a reason. You’re reading this now, and we hope that you didn’t learn the hard way. By the way, how many Circle tracks or Dragway’s are there in China?

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