Scat Crankshafts

SCAT’s highly engineered and innovative crankshafts offer many benefits that are shown in our Anatomy of a SCAT Crankshaft. SCAT’s cranks are available in billet, forged or cast designs, and are available for small- and big-block Chevy, small- and big-block Ford, Ford FE, Ford Flathead, Pontiac, Chrysler and Sport Compact. In addition to these popular models, SCAT ’s custom billet line offers a broad range of models up to 40" in length and 10" diameter including Porsche , Ferrari and Buick. We offer cranks to suit your specific engine specs from standard weight to the Q-Light design. All SCAT cranks are made with quality at the forefront, starting with only the best materials. Our highly trained and skilled craftsmen use SCAT’s innovation, creativity and dedication to produce the best parts possible.

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