BHJ Dynamic Balancers

B-H-J harmonic dampers meet all S.F.I. and racing association specifications.

B-H-J Harmonic Dampers or "Torsional Vibration Dampers" offer the most precise and advanced execution of the proven elastomer design.

Lightest Weight
Total Protection

B-H-J precision harmonic dampers offer maximum protection from torsional, axial, and radial crankshaft vibrations while adding minimum weight to the rotating assembly.

Meets S.F.I. 18-1 Specifications!


Accepted for use by:


                        NASCAR     NHBA    NHRA    NTPA    SCCA    SCORE

Elastomer-type dampers are preferred by most engine designers because of their durability, superior high-frequency damping qualities, and their ability to dampen all types of vibrations: Torsional, axial and radial. Other damper designs are limited to damping torsional vibrations only.

Dampers are available for most engines in three different versions: all-steel, all-aluminum, and "combo." All three types are lighter than the O.E.M. units they replace and are lighter than competitive aftermarket dampers.  

"Combo" dampers are a product of B-H-J's long experience in the performance industry. The "combo" damper design mates a lightweight aluminum hub with a steel inertia ring. Established damper technology proves that the mass of the non-damping elements in any design actually amplifies harmonic vibrations. Therefore, elimination of non-damping mass greatly improves the effectiveness of any damper. In many instances this will allow the use of a smaller size damper. The net result of the lighter hub and smaller size is the potential for appreciably faster acceleration.

All-aluminum dampers are absolutely the lightest dampers available. Aluminum dampers yield maximum acceleration with some reduction in damping ability.

All-steel dampers have been manufactured by B-H-J Products longer than any other company in the industry. They have proven their merit in thousands of applications, including off-shore boats, Winston Cup and Busch Grand National stock cars, Short Track, Super Modified, Pro Stock and other drag racing cars, Formula 5000, Indy Cars, and street-driven grocery-getters.

B-H-J harmonic dampers are custom designed to meet each specific application. We do not produce one design and then change the snout design to suit the crankshaft. All critical O.E.M. mounting dimensions are duplicated for accurate alignment of accessory drives.

Externally balanced dampers feature a machined-in-place counterweight that precisely matches the O.E.M. unit it replaces, Internal or neutral balance dampers are balanced before shipment.

All B-H-J dampers feature a TDC mark and are marked in degrees from 0 to 50 in 2-degree increments as well as 90-degree marks for valve settings.


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