Perfect Circle Piston Rings

Perfect Circle® performance rings are the most extensive and technically advanced high performance rings in the industry. Driven by today's requirements for reduced oil consumption, lower friction, higher power output, and longer life, Perfect Circle is out front with the latest technology. Off the shelf sets, individual rings and custom finished rings are all available from Perfect Circle.

Tapered Hook Groove (THG)
 The second compression ring on a piston contributes significantly to engine performance, particularly in racing applications. Unfortunately engine builders often overlook the importance of this ring when selecting a compression ring. Reverse torsional twist second rings have been the industry standard for many years, but offer only a limited performance advantage. If back pressure buildup from combustion gases leaking past the top ring is not controlled, it can cause the top ring to float, breaking the combustion seal and reducing power.

This is why Perfect Circle® has introduced a new design in rings called the Tapered Hook Groove (THG) rings. These rings provide slightly better oil control than a reverse twist, taper-face ring, but most importantly, the new second ring acts as a check valve to relieve excessive combustion pressure build-up under the top ring, thus, stabilizing it and reducing the possibility of compression gases being trapped between the top and second ring.

 Perfect Circle® Fire-Power piston ring sets are engineered to withstand the punishment of today's high powered, Nitrous-Oxide injected, Turbocharged, and Supercharged race applications. PC479 compression rings will provide superior ring durability, stable radial tension, superior combustion sealing and oil control, while protecting the cylinder walls. All these benefits will net additional horsepower while extending engine life. Perfect Circle's Fire-Power rings can be purchased in boxed engine sets as well as open stock to meet your performance requirements.

Import Performance
Perfect Circle® import applications utilize the latest technologies popular in today's racing piston ring sets with Reduced Radial Wall (RRW) Steel top rings, Reduced Axial Height second rings, and CP-20™ High Conformability/Low Friction oil rings. Both standard, and low tension oil rings are available to best maximize power output in naturally aspirated or power assisted engine combinations.

Claimer Race
Perfect Circle® claimer performance piston ring sets are engineered for oval track claimer series engines. These economy performance ring sets feature many of the same benefits as our race proven premium sets at an economical price. Positively Twisted 5/64" or 1/16" top rings provide outstanding high RPM sealing in a choice of Plain Cast Iron or Moly-Plasma face coatings. These sets also utilize a 5/64" Tapered Face ring or a 1/16" THG, which provides unmatched oil control in race conditions. CP-20™ oil rings are also utilized in Standard Tension and Low Tension for optimum power output.

Top NASCAR and NHRA teams know the importance of quality piston rings - that is why they trust Perfect Circle piston rings every weekend for quality and performance.

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