Childs & Albert Piston Rings

DURA-MOLY(TM) FILE FIT RING SETS - Continuing into the New Millennium, Childs & Albert has developed a ring technology for both racing and general performance. Knowledge gained over the last 25 years of ring manufacturing has led to the development of two new piston rings. For the ultimate in plasma moly rings Childs & Albert has developed the new Dura-Moly (TM) compression ring. Simply stated it is the best moly ring money can buy, bar none! Available in 1/16, .043, .017, .031. 5/64 cross sections.
The Childs & Albert Dura-Moly (TM) Ring is a newly designed ring, not just another re-hash of old technology. Unlike other conventional moly types the Dura-Moly(TM) Ring, made from premium ductile iron, is precision finished over the entire outside surface before the moly is applied. Additionally, the moly is applied (plasma process) at a much higher impact rate than normal. This high density plasma process virtually eliminates the fracturing and flaking common with other types. The net result is 63% increase compression ring life, 50% less cylinder wall wear and superior sealing characteristics, providing the engine builder and performance enthusiast with unequaled reliability.

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