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A Chrysler 426 and 440 Blocks
A Mopar News
A New Mopar B/RB Windage Tray
A New Trick Flow Mopar Head
Air Conditioning Custom Kits->
Automotive and Marine Covers
Chrome Accessories->
Chute Kits->
Cold Air Kits->
Custom Hoods->
Custom Parts Development->
Cylinder Head Porting->
Electric Cooling Fans->
Electronics and Delay Boxes->
Engine Parts->
  |_ Camshaft Thrust Buttons->
  |_ Camshafts->
  |_ Cylinder Heads->
  |_ Dodge SRT4 Turbo->
  |_ Engine Components->
    |_ Connecting Rods->
    |_ Crank Dampners->
    |_ Crankshafts->
    |_ Engine Bearings->
    |_ Engine Block Main Caps->
    |_ Engine Blocks->
    |_ Engine Rotating Assemblies->
    |_ Lifters->
    |_ Mopar B/RB Windage Tray
    |_ Oil Pans->
    |_ Oil Pumps->
    |_ Piston Rings->
      |_ Akerly & Childs
      |_ Childs & Albert Piston Rings
      |_ Eagle Piston Rings
      |_ GM Performance Piston Rings
      |_ JE Pro Seal Piston Rings
      |_ Keith Black Piston Rings
      |_ Mahle Piston Rings
      |_ Perfect Circle Piston Rings
      |_ Ross Piston Rings
      |_ Speed Pro Piston Rings
      |_ SRP Piston Rings
      |_ Total Seal Piston Rings
      |_ Wiseco Piston Rings
    |_ Pistons->
    |_ Pushrods->
    |_ Timing Chain sets->
  |_ Engine Girdles->
  |_ HEMI 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L Components->
  |_ Intake Manifolds->
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Wideband Monitoring Systems->
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Mike M.

John's very honest, something that's hard to find these days. This means he'll tell you the truth and you may not want to hear it. LOL. The best...

Matt C.

Thanks again John, someone who’s willing to help and not just sell parts. So, looks like you’ll be listed on my referrals. Keep in touch. Thanks...

Tom R.

John--the 408 engine you built for me is outstanding. Feel free to give him my cell number and I'll happily give you a strong reference. Thank you...

Steve B.

Steve B.

Thanks for the help with my 426 stroker.

Harold R.

John, Thanks for the great customer service! Harold

Henry T.

Henry T.

HEY! Everything is installed and car runs AWESOME! Thanks for everything, Thanks again. Henry 2000 Dodge Viper R/T 10

Dan F.

Dan F.

John, The truck is not done but i drive it daily and it runs good now. Eventually id like to do the rear brakes! Thanks

Taylor M.

Taylor M.

Thanks a lot John !

Steve F.

Thank You for all your help and hookups with the parts - sounds like a lot of people appreciate it, I'm one of those people. - Steve


Super guy to deal with! GREAT SERVICE!! GREAT PRICE!!

Ross Piston Rings

ROSS Racing Rings are ideal for all high performance applications including Turbo Chargers, Blowers, and Nitrous. Top rings are ductile plasma moly inlaid and barrel lapped for long life and quick seating. All ROSS top rings can be twisted numerous times without fracturing. Top rings are symmetrical, can be fitted in the groove either way and are coated with zinc phosphate to improve initial scuff resistance.

Second rings are cast iron reverse torsion twist and also zinc phosphate coated. Other performance advantages are conformability to cylinder wall, good wear resistance, and a specific OD shape that will encourage downward oil scraping and minimize upward scraping.

Oil rings are three-piece circumferential type, comprised of a stainless steel expander and two chromium plated carbon steel rails (segments). ROSS rails are narrower and are also of less radial depth. The radial depth of the rail greatly influences the ability to conform to the shape of a distorted bore. A small reduction in radial thickness will have a big impact on conformability. To prevent oil from escaping past the oil ring assembly via the upper side of the upper rail, an 18 degree angle on the rail support directs a component of the radial force applied in pressing the rail sides against the groove. Side width control of the ROSS oil rings is further enhanced by means of the rail support pads that are rolled into the outer section of the expander. These pads prevent undue rail side movement, which can effectively pump oil and increase oil consumption. These rings are manufactured exclusively to ROSS specifications by ACL of Australia.

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