Demon Intake Manifolds

The SixShooter Triple ''D'' 2-barrel Carburetors and Intake is the trick looking, high-tech package that every hot rodder must have! This combo has proven to deliver stout performance, in addition to providing street enthusiasts with the first new triple 2-bbl set-up in years. The Triple ''D'' Manifold is a new ground-up intake runner and plenum design that delivers superior distribution to the cylinders. The clean, clutter-free design includes a streamlined water neck housing that minimizes leak potentials with superior clamping on the thermostat assembly and a recessed well that accumulates any seepage that may occur to prevent any unsightly stains. The kit includes three 250 CFM Demon 2-bbl Carburetors with side hung float bowl assemblies. The center carb serves as the primary carburetor, equipped with an electric choke. The outboard carburetors use a progressive throttle linkage connected to the center carb. This package also includes an attractive billet/stainless steel fuel log that feeds the carbs from a forward mounted fuel source. Each banjo-style fitting accepts double O-Rings and the connecting tube is a tight compression fit over the O-Ring seals. Also included is an aluminum Rush Performance Filters air filter assembly with a 3'' tall Rush cleanable/reusable filter.

On a GM Performance Parts crate engine, the Triple ''D'' SixShooter Intake package outperformed the popular Edelbrock Air Gap manifold equipped with a Speed Demon 650 twin-squirter. The results: Triple ''D'' SixShooter intake/Demon SixShooter: 383 HP @ 5700 RPM, 402.9 lb-ft torque @ 4200 RPM; Air Gap/Speed Demon 650: 370 HP @ 5800 RPM, 390.2 lb-ft torque @ 4400 RPM. That's +13 HP and +12 lb-ft torque over the Air Gap/Speed Demon 650 combination.

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