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Alan P.

First off, I just have to say that I have never came across a more stand-up guy that takes his time to connect with his customers and have the...

Kyle M.

Kyle M.

John, I am very pleased with the brake conversion. The kit was very easy to install and I didn't have any problems and look very good as...

Ricky R.

Ricky R.

1937 Chevy Legends Race Car, Thanks for everything!

Matt C.

Thanks again John, someone who’s willing to help and not just sell parts. So, looks like you’ll be listed on my referrals. Keep in touch. Thanks...

David A.

David A.

Thanks for everything, David

Barbara H.

John, Thanks again for making Colton's dream come true! The truck is in the body shop, the cowl hood arrived and the new 408 engine you built is...

Tom R.

John--the 408 engine you built for me is outstanding. Feel free to give him my cell number and I'll happily give you a strong reference. Thank you...

Daryl S.

Your 408 runs like a dream. I think we are well over the 400hp side, a new 300hp mustang could not overcome, it is a beast. I am very happy with the...


Super guy to deal with! GREAT SERVICE!! GREAT PRICE!!

Jim W.

Jim W.

Thanks for the fast parts service and Great cylinder head porting! Jim

Robert M.

John, Thank you for all you have done, From your previous email responses, you seem to be old school, a man of his word. Thanks again John for...

Gary H.

Gary H.

John, Thanks a lot !

Don S.

John, I can't emphasize this enough, but without the help you're getting me I could not have afforded my dream engine! I literally have cringed when...

Darren B.

Darren B.

John,Racing flat out on the 440/533 engine over 1 season & 65 passes at 8.97@150mph 1.27 60' getting great results!!Engine is GREAT!Thanks mate!

Felix C.

How awesome is this! This superb service is exactly on point w/what everyone have raved about. Thank you, Felix

Derek B.

Derek B.

Great Personalized service. Derek

Shaine D.

Wow! Thank you for that quick and informative response. Must be why you are always recommended. Shaine


bought numerous things and all transactions went very smooth. Responded to emails within a day or less. Ryan

Mitch C.

Awesome work! Glad I went with you guys! Anyone I know of that wants to build I'll send your way! Thanks John! Your the man!! Mitch

Phil S.

Phil S.

Great job creating this Dakota R/T Ground Affects Kit. Phil

Bob F.

Bob F.

Plymouth 426 Hemi

Benny C.

Benny C.

Thanks for the Great Mopar Service !

Harold R.

John, Thanks for the great customer service! Harold

Henry T.

Henry T.

HEY! Everything is installed and car runs AWESOME! Thanks for everything, Thanks again. Henry 2000 Dodge Viper R/T 10

Toby W.

John, Thanks again so much. You're truly awesome.

Pro Torque Converters

What is the difference between ProTorque and their competitors?
Many of our competitors’ torque converters were designed with only the torque converter in mind.
Ours is designed with the whole vehicle combination in mind, making them far superior because they have better torque multiplication rates and are more efficient, allowing for more of the power to be transferred

 What is the ProTorque difference?
The ProTorque Converters will have many differences from the units produced by the factory and other aftermarket rebuilders, which is what makes it special. We strengthen each converter by furnace brazing the turbine assembly and installing Torrington bearings on stator and pump surfaces in place of the factory thrust washers. We use billet front covers in place of stock stamped covers.  The list goes on

What is a performance converter?
A regular torque converter is designed for stock engines. A performance torque converter is designed differently

  1. First we strengthen the torque converter to handle the additional power
  2. Second we alter the characteristics of the torque converter in order to transfer the additional power
  3. Third we adjust stall to more closely match the power curve of a higher performance engine

Our CAD/CAM dept is constantly working on developing new and improved torque converter designs.  Although the torque converter has been around for more than 50 years we constantly strive to make improvements through the use of the latest technology.

The Best Converter in the Business is Coupled With the Best Warranty in the Business

ProTorque offers a “No questions asked, Unconditional 60 Day Warranty.” If within 60 days of installing a ProTorque torque converter you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money for the full purchase price of the product (not including shipping or installation costs).  ProTorque offers a free stall adjustment within this 60 day period.  If after installation the customer needs to adjust the torque converter for any reason ProTorque will do a free stall adjustment within 60 days of purchase.

All unused products after the 60 day are subject to a 15% restocking fee.  The 60 Day warranty does not apply to any item listed under our “Custom Applications” listing.

In addition, we also offer a 1 year warranty on all of our products. If within one year of purchase you have a problem with a torque converter, for any reason, we will repair it at no charge. This one-year warranty on our products is limited to repairs or replacement by ProTorque of any ProTorque product that fails due to a defect in materials or workmanship. ProTorque’s sole obligation under this warranty shall be to repair or replace as its option, the defected converter at no charge to the original customer.

ProTorque offers an extended 3 year warranty on any of the “Billet Front covers” .  Because of the durable construction of the “Billet Front Cover” design we have extended the warranty to this part only.  This warranty covers any failure or breakage of the billet front cover only.  This warranty is limited to the front cover itself and not the actual torque converter.  There is a nominal “freshen up” charge if the torque converter comes in for repair.  The “freshen up” charge will vary depending on unit.  Please contact your sales representative for current repair charges.  ProTorque’s sole obligation under this warranty shall be to repair or replace as its option, the “Billet Front Cover” at no charge to the original customer.

Pro-Torque’s warranty dose not under any circumstances include:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Shipping costs
  • Labor, installation, replacement, or transmission fluid costs
  • Towing, car rental, or costs incurred due to downtime of vehicle
  • Damage to engine  or transmission components or any other parts
  • Damage caused by: Improper installation and/or maintenance, misuse or abuse, Unauthorized repairs, Inadequate cooling or undue overheating (auxiliary cooling is required for all performance applications), Accidents, Normal wear and tear
  • Oil contamination of any kind from the transmission, including water, clutch material or metal contamination

 A new torque converter is designed to work with a new transmission or a transmission in perfect working condition with no oil contamination.  Please don’t put our torque converter behind a transmission that is in a failed or failing condition.

This warranty expressly dose not cover loss or injury from the use of the product. Due to the extreme demand placed on racing and performance products, they are sold without any express warranty or any implied warranty or merchantability or fitness or the intended purpose.  This limited warranty may give you specific legal rights that vary from state to state.

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