Turbo Action Torque Converters

Torque Converters
Turbo Action  started  manutacturing  performance  converters  in  1976.   Chrysler Corporation tested several Turbo Action models and added those models to their performance catalog. Our converters over the past thirty years have expanded with progressive changes for performance and horsepower advancements in order to accommodate the needs of Chrysler, GM and Ford applications. 
All converters installed into vehicles with mid-engine plates which measure up to 1/8" (0.125) will use our standard height converter. If over 1/8" (0.125), will require special order advising the thickness of mid-engine plate. Please add an E to the end of Part Number to designate converter needs to be built a special height and specify mid-plate thickness. 
Chrysler 1971-Up model converters require engine balance on the converter. Add the appropriate Letter Code to the end of the Part Number.
A=383,400,440         B=360        C=340  
D=1970-72     440-6 & 440-4 HP       E=360 Magnum

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