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Jim A.

Jim A.

Two year champion in modified tractor pulling classes named "Watch This Trick". Chrysler 426 Hemi. Thanks for the Great Service!

Taylor M.

Taylor M.

Thanks a lot John !

Shaine D.

Wow! Thank you for that quick and informative response. Must be why you are always recommended. Shaine

Billy W.

Billy W.

Dakota R/T 408

Alan P.

First off, I just have to say that I have never came across a more stand-up guy that takes his time to connect with his customers and have the...

Steve F.

Thank You for all your help and hookups with the parts - sounds like a lot of people appreciate it, I'm one of those people. - Steve

Daryl S.

Your 408 runs like a dream. I think we are well over the 400hp side, a new 300hp mustang could not overcome, it is a beast. I am very happy with the...

Kayden G.

Well John, your service is amazing if you want my opinion. Never had better from any company I've ordered from. Thanks, Kayden

Matt C.

Thanks again John, someone who’s willing to help and not just sell parts. So, looks like you’ll be listed on my referrals. Keep in touch. Thanks...

Harold R.

John, Thanks for the great customer service! Harold

Borla Mufflers

T-304 Stainless — Only the Best Will Do!

Borla's 50 state legal exhaust is built of aircraft-quality stainless steel,
inside and out, not mild steel, not aluminized, not aluminum, not just wrapped with stainless on the outside for show.

Coating techniques, such as aluminizing, can somewhat prolong the life of mild steel, but coatings suffer quality failures at the weld points. And comparing aluminized mild steel to T-304 stainless steel is like comparing gold-plated metal to solid gold!

T-304 Stainless Steel has the highest chromium and nickel content, making it the most resistant to corrosion and therefore the most desirable material for a long lasting exhaust system.

Performance — Designed In from the Beginning!

Borla's straight-through and multi-core designs increase exhaust velocity
to move more air through the engine, allowing the exhaust gases to evacuate the cylinder completely, which allows the new charge to come into the cylinder, thereby creating more power! The acutal power increase that you will see depends upon your engine management system's ability to provide the fuel to match the extra air flow, but Borla states that generally 7 to 15% increases are not uncommon!

Most believe that big diameter pipes are the best for more power, but Borla has found that for street use, their pipe diameter choices help " maintain exhaust gas velocity and keeps the frequency high" to keep the main sound behind the tailpipe for quieter operation!

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