Mr. Gasket Fasteners

Mr. Gasket has been supplying quality fasteners with the

strength necessary to hold performance and racing engines

together for over 30 years.We were the first national company to

make skin packaged bolt kits available in the performance market,

eliminating the need to visit a local hardware store or car

dealer for hard-to-find bolt sizes. All of Mr. Gasket's fasteners are

designed for each specific application. In addition to premium

quality, Mr. Gasket fasteners are available in a wide variety of

applications and finishes, ranging from a black oxide coating to a

bright silver zinc, zinc dichromate (gold tone) and show

quality chrome plated finishes. Mr. Gasket has over 16 major

categories of fasteners available today...if you don't see what you

need, please give us a call or write to us, as we

regularly add new applications. Mr. Gasket has the quality fasteners

you need, with the strength required for each


IMPORTANT: All torque values listed above are listed in foot pounds, unless otherwise noted. NOTE: Always follow the enclosed

instruction sheet torque values: they were developed for that specific application. If a Mr. Gasket fastener kit does not have an

instruction sheet, consult a factory or aftermarket service manual where the torque specifications are listed for all critical engine

and drivetrain fasteners.

1/4"-20 51 inch lbs. 10 foot lbs. 84 inch lbs.

1/4"-28 57 inch lbs. 11 foot lbs. 84 inch lbs.

5/16"-18 96 inch lbs. 20 foot lbs. 13 foot lbs.

5/16"-24 108 inch lbs. 22 foot lbs. 14 foot lbs.

3/8"-16 15 foot lbs. 35 foot lbs. 23 foot lbs.

3/8"-24 17 foot lbs. 39 foot lbs. 25 foot lbs.

7/16"-14 24 foot lbs. 56 foot lbs. 36 foot lbs.

7/16"-20 27 foot lbs. 62 foot lbs. 40 foot lbs.

1/2"-13 35 foot lbs. 85 foot lbs. 55 foot lbs.

1/2"-20 40 foot lbs. 96 foot lbs. 62 foot lbs.


1/4" 45 inch lbs. 108 inch lbs. 72 inch lbs.


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