Long Tube Headers 97-03 Dakota R/T / Durango

Southeast Performance is proud to announce Tube Technologies inc. or better known as TTi Performance Exhaust and Headers as our newest team member.

TTi began manufacturing performance exhaust systems in 1988 strictly for Mopar vehicles and all are made in the USA! TTi is not new to the Mopar market place and we sincerely appreciate them, their experience and their efforts to supply the Mopar enthusiast with high quality products.

Since we enjoyed such strong support with the creation of our original Torque Master “Real Equal Length” headers, coupled with the continued requests to bring back a real quality long tube header that actually makes power, doesn’t peel, strip out bolt threads, crack, warp adapters, and blow out double gaskets each week.

TTi has agreed to custom engineer a high quality “Exclusive Line” of Gen 2 1997-2003 Dodge Dakota / Durango 5.2, 5.9, 408 long tube headers for Southeast Performance. The team release of our new 1 3/4” Long Tube Headers, designed to fit 2 wheel drive model trucks are made with 3/8” thick flanges, 1 3/4” O/D primaries, 3” collectors in mild steel with your choice of hi-temp coating for long lasting good looks. All hardware, gaskets, and outlet flanges with oxygen sensor bungs are included.

Our headers are designed to fit the LA318, LA360, 5.2L, 5.9L Magnum and all aftermarket performance cylinder heads using the factory stock bolt patterns. I had sent a request for a loaner Dakota R/T. It was to be used as a build platform for these new headers. We know they have to be right, so we needed a correct test bed for development. Many thanks go out to all those that offered but lived to far to participate. The support is appreciated. Andrew M. was in the right part of town to loan us his 1999 Dakota R/T. Thanks Andrew for allowing us and TTi to bring something better for others.

Enjoy your new headers and help us pass the word to “Come and Get Em”! Southeast Performance is now taking orders for our newly designed long tube headers. Call or email us for details, pricing and ordering.

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