NEW Adjustable PCV Valve Stops Oil Leaks


The aftermarket's first PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) Valve designed for the street performance, hot rod, street rod and muscle car enthusiast. Features CNC machined internal passages and completely redesigned flow path specifically for street driven high performance applications.

Airflow is completely adjustable and can be set to accommodate a wide variety of engine combinations.

The relationship between oil leaks, crankcase pressure and crankcase ventilation is a topic that has not been understood by the majority of the hot rodding community for quite some time. In a case study, we had a ’34 Ford suffering from oil leaks to the extent that the engine was pulled and rebuilt, only to have the same leaks crop up again. The issue was finally resolved by addressing the root of the problem – crankcase pressure that was the result of an inadequate PCV system. After installation the Dual Flow PCV valve, the car is now oil leak free.

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