NAG1 Transmission Shift Improver

Have your NAG1 transmission shift how YOU want it to. With TranZformer, you get to modify shift firmness that fits your driving style/mood, plus a whole lot more! TranZformer Gen 2 installs in minutes, connecting via wiretaps into 6 or 8 wires all hidden behind the steering column lower cover. Once installed, TranZformer will modify transmission parameters for that real “old school” muscle car shift kit feel. Chirp through gear shifts or just firm them up a little for towing or for track use- your choice.


Use your steering wheel buttons and EVIC screen to adjust shift firmness on-the-fly, whenever you want. Or connect to your PC via USB cable, and you can dial in independent upshift and downshift boost percentages (0 to 100) for each gear in both Drive and AutoStick mode. Reduces the time delay when shifting into Reverse and Drive as well.


You also can adjust shift firmness scaling based on throttle position. TranZformer allows you to reset TCM’s adaptive learning system, keeping the TCM from dialing back the shift firmness over time. Z Automotive Programming Utility (for Windows PCs only) allows you to program shift parameters, view status, update the firmware, and more.

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