Ny-Trex Nitrous Systems

Ny-Trex EFI wet nitrous systems use only the highest quality materials and components to produce the best performing, best looking and most reliable wet system around.

Ny-Trex systems have been thoroughly dyno-tested on numerous vehicles to ensure the most safe and reliable performance possible.

All kits come complete with:

  • T-Rex Nozzle & adapter (up to 100+HP)
  • Adjustable HP jetting
  • Limited lifetime warranty solenoids
  • 10lb powder coated Hi-Flo bottle("Mean Green" or "Wet Black")
  • Chrome Hi-Flo 660 bottle valve w/gauge port
  • "Quick-Clamp" stainless bottle brackets
  • Braided stainless lines, anodized ends
  • Switches, controls, relay, wiring, connectors
  • Hose, fittings, clamps, ties, sealant
  • Brackets, hardware, drill bit, tap, bolts
  • Easy "Step-By-Step" instruction book
  • Ability to upgrade

System Requirements

A fully functioning stock fuel pump should be adequate. If not sure, replace. Use only premium gas (92+octane) or racing fuel. A high-output ignition and performance exhaust may also benefit performance. DO NOT ADVANCE TIMING! Using an aftermarket chip or other devices that advance ignition timing could cause detonation and serious engine damage, It is recommended to retard the timing 1 to 1-1/2 degrees per 50HP of nitrous. Performance varies based on engine condition and type. Stock pistons, rods and crankshaft are acceptable up to 135HP, however, it is recommended to use heavy-duty forged components for higher HP and longer life.

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