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Electronic fuel injection metering, when properly designed and programmed, is today's accurate way to introduce fuel to an internal combustion engine. With it's many sensors and input signals it can be tuned to meet the demands of an engine operating over an extremely broad range of conditions. The most commonly sensed inputs are:

1) Engine rpm
2) Throttle position
3) Barometric pressure or manifold absolute pressure (M.A.P.)
4) Air temperature
5) Water and/or oil temperature, and sometimes fuel temperature
6) Rate of throttle opening

When choosing an electronic fuel injection system there are many features and options, it can be confusing. Kinsler offers six manufacturers electronics, each manufacturer has several models. Our staff is here to help you sort through the 'mysteries' and give you the "real" information so that you can make an informed and educated decision. The first decision on EFI is which type of electronic control unit is the best suited for the application and budget. There are two basic types of multi-port EFI : Group and Sequential. Below is some of the basic information on the two types of systems so you will have a better understanding of their operation

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