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Matt C.

Thanks again John, someone who’s willing to help and not just sell parts. So, looks like you’ll be listed on my referrals. Keep in touch. Thanks...

Barbara H.

John, Thanks again for making Colton's dream come true! The truck is in the body shop, the cowl hood arrived and the new 408 engine you built is...


bought numerous things and all transactions went very smooth. Responded to emails within a day or less. Ryan

Troy K.

Troy K.

Dodge Viper

Felix C.

How awesome is this! This superb service is exactly on point w/what everyone have raved about. Thank you, Felix

Kayden G.

Well John, your service is amazing if you want my opinion. Never had better from any company I've ordered from. Thanks, Kayden

Don S.

John, I can't emphasize this enough, but without the help you're getting me I could not have afforded my dream engine! I literally have cringed when...

Daryl S.

Your 408 runs like a dream. I think we are well over the 400hp side, a new 300hp mustang could not overcome, it is a beast. I am very happy with the...


Super guy to deal with! GREAT SERVICE!! GREAT PRICE!!

Harold R.

John, Thanks for the great customer service! Harold

ATS Performance Clutches


ATS metal single clutch "9inch MAGNUM" for Honda & Acura

Super light weight Whole set weighs only 7.6kg with flywheel, pressure plate, and friction disk The cover is made of aluminum and the flywheel is made of carbonsteel.. Large power transfer capacity 250hp / 1,000kg pressure plate, 330hp / 1,300kg pressure plate, and 400hp / 1,600kg pressure plate 9 inch diameter Largest diameter disk manufactured for the Honda 1,000/1,300/1600kg pressure plate Highest available pressure plate rate Super fast gear shift A super light weight ATS friction disk (only 810g) makes a faster shift possible Super easy operation Operating ATS clutch is very easy, even when driving up a slope and in a traffic congestion Super durability 9 inch desk, high pressure plate and aluminum cover prevent deformation of the clutch due to heat Super quiet No unwanted noise, as quiet as standard clutch Upgradable Can be upgraded to a carbon model easily by chaning the internal parts

  • Superb heat resistance to withstand extreme racing requirements
    • ACROSS successfully raised the C/C melting point by over 1,000 degrees centigrade
    • Prevents fusion with surrounding metal parts
    • No distortion of the carbon disk
  • An unparalleled level of strength and enduring performance through a unique, random weaving methodology
  • Large carbon disk diameter of 230mm
    • Superior friction characteristics and excellent torque transfer
    • Non-slipping even without warm up (within rated horse power,no power shifting)
  • Quality engineered and manufactured in Japan
    • All parts manufactured and assembled in the strictest quality control environment
    • Flexibility to manufacture per customer specifications
  • Outstanding controllability in even the thickest of traffic congestions
    • Maintains consistent “soft pedal feel”
    • Highly controllable in half clutch position
    • Smooth operation in traffic or up a slope
  • Largest reduction in inertia weight
    • Lightweight - less than 25% of a traditional metal clutch
    • Prevents power loss and allows for quick gear shifting
    • Enhanced synchronization
  • Radical cost effectiveness in the long term

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