Chrysler 440 Wedge Engines

The combination of its large displacement, large intake and exhaust valve ports and manifold passages, 4-barrel carburetor and low-restriction exhaust system give the 440 extra power for quick acceleration at all speeds-low, middle, or highway cruising-or for towing large travel trailers. The 440 V-8 features a deep-skirt engine block, forged crankshaft and Nascar style main and connecting-rod bearings for exceptional durability and smooth operation. For those wanting more, a new 440 wedge aluminum 4.500 bore block in several variations to chose from, priority oiling, cross bolted billet mains, 4.500 forged stroker crank for 572 cubes, H beam connecting rods, Diamond forged pistons, custom grind solid roller camshaft, dual line oiling system, ported aluminum cylinder heads, twin dominator carbs, all the best for the bigger power. Contact Southeast Performance for your specific build up.

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