SRT-4 2.4L Turbo Engine

Years of experience and hundreds of successful builds have given us a pretty good idea of what these motors like!  If you're looking to make up to 800hp without having to worry about your bottom end you've come to the right place! SRT4 2.4L Features & Benefits.

The 2.4L retains the factory crankshaft and connecting rod configuration that made the SRT4's A855 famous. No need for custom parts here as there are a plethora of options on the shelf at all times! Included Services

•Engine blocks visit our hot tank and then proceed to rust removal before receiving a coat of black high temp engine paint for a finished appearance. •Crankshafts are never cut / turned and receive a micro-polish treatment and balancing specifically for high performance applications 

•The machine work process starts with an overbore. The overbore is followed with a three step honing process that is finished with a plateau hone for the absolute best cylinder wall finish and ultimate ring seating.

•The last step in the machining process is resurfacing. We pride ourselves on the surface finish (RA) we achieve as it is of the utmost importance in regards to head gasket sealing. A855 Included Components •King Main and Rod Bearings

•MAPerformance Crank Strap Kit •ARP Main Studs (We check for out of round and line hone if necessary) •Your choice of rods

•Your choice of Forged Pistons SRT4 A855 Options

• Crankshaft: We use standard size OEM crankshafts most frequently as we have not had a crankshaft failure to date. However, we realize that cores are hard to come by and there are weight advantages with some aftermarket crankshafts so we will happily build your shortblock accordingly! Core Requirements Unfortunately we don't have a source for good cores, so you must send us your core for the work to be performed on.

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